Traveling Abroad – A New Trend without Detention

I know most of you will hear #TravelBubble, a new term that is probably a new way of traveling after COVID-19 when Thailand has improved the situation.
This type of tourism will allow us to travel once even if you get to just some countries, let’s see what is the meaning of it.

woman traveling backpacker with hat, Asian traveler standing at Chatuchak Weekend Market, landmark and popular for tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. Travel concept

Travel Bubble is a term used to refer to travel matching between 2 countries with situations that it is confident and safe from the Covid-19 virus.
Both countries will have an agreement to allow each other to travel in and out without quarantine for 14 days, but still under the conditions of preventative Covid-19, for example, must be tested before departure.
And check again when traveling back and so on.
The first 2 countries that opened the Travel Bubble between them were Australia And New Zealand which will start to open borders between each other during August.

For countries that have already started planning to match countries between the two, such as

♥ Japan prepares to pair with Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, and Vietnam.

♥ China is paired with South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Travel in 10 regions of China.

♥ Groups in Europe, consisting of Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria, are open to tour between the groups.

♥ Singapore is paired with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and also traveled to certain provinces in China.

♥ Countries in Scandinavia Matching traveling together among themselves, Norway, Sweden, Denmark

♥ Baltic countries In Eastern Europe, consisting of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, allowing citizens to travel freely –

♥ Italy is the first country in Europe to open a border for foreign tourists to visit. Because people want tourism to help revive the economy

Travel Bubble measures in Thailand
For the goals of Thailand in the first phase which will join hands in tourism with various countries as follows

♥ China, including Hong Kong and Macau, have discussions with China’s state-level government. And the Hong Kong Commercial Office Expressed his wish to continue discussions with the Thai side in order to create a travel bubble between them

♥ Vietnam

♥ Other countries include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Middle East. ( which is being discussed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in foreign countries.)

However, it may start at the same time in many countries as Group Bubble. The first phase is open to business groups. And groups that want to get medical treatment in Thailand which proceeded for a while And able to control the situation well will consider other groups of tourists to come in order