Thailand is a street food paradise. Exploring Thailand wouldn’t be complete without try tasting Thai food from vendors.

In this article, I would like to recommend some Thai snacks ( my favorite ones ) you must eat and they are available throughout the country.

1 Shaved Ice with Syrup
It’s the same concept as Bingsu in Korea. A bowl of coned shaved ice is poured with colorful syrups at your choice. Beneath or on top of the ice, you can choose the toppings: red bean pastes, grass jelly, corn, coconut jelly, taro, and candied pumpkin. This menu is the most popular during the summer in Thailand.
Called in Thai: Nam-Khang-Sai

shaved ice dessert

2 Grilled Pork Skewers

This menu can be eaten as a light meal or snack because it is common to see this food in front of Thai schools in the morning. The skewered pork uses a fatty cut marinated with oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic, and sugar; it has a sweet and salty flavor. You can have it with rice or sticky rice.
Called in Thai: Moo-Ping
Moo Ping

3 Thai Crepe
A popular type of Thai street snacks, the vendor tossing, massaging a dough, and cooking it on a griddle and put toppings like chocolate, Nutella, banana, corn, eggs, or cheese and add sweetened condensed milk on top.
Called in Thai: Roti


4 Thai ice-cream sandwiches
A scoop or two of ice cream (coconut, mixed fruit, or Thai tea flavors) that’s been pressed into a bun or between two pieces of white bread similar to SUBWAY sandwich. The basic topping is sweetened condensed milk and toasted peanuts. But now there are various topping you can choose. I used to see sweet corn. chocolate syrup, red bean, fruits, etc.
Called in Thai: I-tim Ka-Nom-Pung

5 Mini Thai Donut
A small fried piece of dough, the original shape is a bit like the shape of an X. Nowadays, there are various shapes. You can see a long one like a stick. When finished frying, they’re a golden brown color. Its texture is crispy and soft inside. Thais have it as a simple breakfast with soy milk/hot cocoa or dip it in sweetened condensed milk.
Called in Thai: Pa-Tong-Go


6 Thai Coconut-rice pancake
Originally, Khanom Krok made with flour, coconut milk, and lots of sugar only. Its taste is sweet and creamy comes with the half-spheres shapes balls. It is a little crispy on the shell but is soft and gooey inside. The famous adds-on are corns, These days, you can find modern recipes, such as corn,  spring onions, pumpkins, and seafood toppings.
Called in Thai: Kha Nom Krok

7 Bamboo Sticky Rice
The soaked sticky rice, boiled black beans, and the mix of coconut milk, sugar, and salt are put them inside a tube of green bamboo. Cover the top of the bamboo with banana leaf. Then placed on a metal rack over hot charcoal for about an hour and turning every few minutes. It is consumed both as a savory food and as a sweet dessert.
Called in Thai: Khao-Lam

Bamboo Sticky Rice

8 Isan sour sausages

Sour sausage is pinkish and can be found on skewers or comes in small balls. They’re eaten with dried chilies, raw cabbage, and sliced ginger.
Called in Thai: Sai-Kok-I-san

Isan sour sausages

9 Crispy Thai Crepes

Thai Crispy Pancake or Thai Crepe cooked on a griddle until it turns golden brown. Then add with varieties of fillings such as sweet white custard cream and golden sweet egg floss or salty minced shrimp and fold it in half similar to a taco.
Called in Thai: Kha-Nom-Bueng


10 Thai Fried Bananas
Another Thai street snack, deep-fried banana is sweet, crispy. The flour batter mixed with coconut and sesame seeds gives it a little creamy taste.
Called in Thai: Kluay-Tod


So, next time you see them on a street, let’s give them a try!



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