During the summer months of April and May, we presented you with a beloved Thai dessert in the peak mango season “Mango sticky rice”

The menu is a traditional Thai dessert ( Khao Niew Mamuang in Thai ), the main ingredients needed are sticky rice, fresh coconut milk, and fresh mangoes. Traditionally, the Nam Doc Mai and Ok-Rong varieties of mango are used. We usually eat in the peak mango season. You’ll find delicious ripe mangoes all over Hua Hin and you’ll discover street food carts and stalls at markets that sell sticky rice and mango. We have rounded up the notable mango sticky rice shops in Hua Hin for you.
I am pretty sure that you will be longing to eat again and again.

1 Mae-Suna Khao Niew Moon

Further than Mango sticky rice, there are various of Thai dessert offering. There are also delicious Kaanom Tien (sticky rice dumpling with savory peanut filling), crunchy Babin (coconut tart), and probably preserved mango (mango sheets), dates, and whatever looks good and available that day, too.

Price Start 70 THB / box

Location: in Chat Chai market, on Dechanuchi road, Hua Hin Soi 72

Su Na

2 P. Phailin

Price Start 80 THB / box

Location: in Chat Chai market the same place as Mae-Suna shop, not too far from each other.

3 Meechai (Mae Nongnuch Khao Niew: the oldest one over 60 years-running Thai sweet shop in Hua Hin)

Price Start 80 THB / box

Location: opposite to Chat Chat market on Phetkasem road ( main road )

Mango sticky rice

4 Pa-Jua

Price Start 80 THB / box

Location: in the corner of Selakam road, opposite of Hilton Hua Hin Hotel

Mango sticky rice

Bon Appétit, wish you fancy this flavorful dessert!



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