In this post giving a few things easier before start packing things to Thailand.

Although some important things you will need for the trip can simply buy while you’re traveling in Thailand.

However, I want you to make sure that you will not miss a thing and have fun with the packing stage. I know and truly understand because it happened to me before when you forget to bring some items and it can ruin an entire trip.

1. Daily medication
Using carry-on bags will help protect your meds from sitting out in extremely hot or cold temperatures, which can affect how well they work. And make sure you have enough meds to get through the trip — plus a little extra.

2. Bangkok Map
If you are planning to spend a couple of days in Bangkok, get a map will save you time and avoiding trouble. Lonely Planet Thailand would be your selection guidebook. And here are some applications that might be useful for you when you are in Thailand.

3. Money
Keep some cash that will be able to cover your expenses for at least a day. Because in some areas do not accept credit or debit cards. ( This is my bad habit that should fix too, sometimes I forgot to withdraw cash and always depending on my cards )

4. Toiletries
To keep clean and fresh on the trip, it’s important to pack travel size kits that include toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, mouthwash, soap, for ladies need to take sanitary napkins in case of any emergencies. This listing will vary based on the length and purpose of your trip.

Set for flight small bottles with cosmetics, hat, paper plane, earplugs, medicine, air ticket and documents on purple background. Top view, copy space


5. Phone charger and power bank

Next on the list, do not forget to pack your phone along with its charger and power bank. Make sure to have your device fully charged and don’t miss communicate and contact your family.

6. Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent
Make sure you put on sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Preventing them ever getting near you is the best way to go – covering up in the evening with loose-fitting trousers or long skirts is also a good idea.


Woman applying suntan lotion oil to her body at the beach
7. Sunglasses
You’ll be able to find plenty of cheap sunglasses in Thailand, but don’t underestimate the heat in Thailand, it will burn you. Bring suitable pair that will properly screen out harmful ultra-violet rays.

8. Selfie sticks
This tool is very useful when you travel alone and want to get nice holiday shots of yourself.


Pretty young woman taking a selfie in front of big powerful waterfall. Beautiful smiling girl travel in nature. Traveling and recreation concept.

9. Snacks
Do not depend on food that may be offered on a flight ( it’s always a bit expensive ); pack your own filling like a bar of chocolate, chips, or dried fruit.

10. Sandals
If your plan has to walk a lot so prepare good footwear to keep you comfortable and your feet in good condition. And if you plan on going clubbing, you should also bring lightweight “formal” shoes or sneakers is fine too in Thailand.

Recently, due to the Corona Virus pandemic, you have to pack for COVID conditions – Don’t forget your face masks, hand spray, or other personal protective gear for the journey and for possible interactions with other people.
Follow the advice of professionals and local leaders, and enjoy your stay.

A carry-on is a very important part of every trip. To preventing missing some items, I recommend you make your list,
it will be based on the length and purpose of your trip and double-check before you start your journey.




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