During this time many people would be bored at home. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish you will not waste your time and start a new experience.

Practice skills through free online courses, both Thai and foreign, for you to be precise, during your free time, let’s view which one will suitable for you most.

📝 The first free online course website that we are proud to present is Coursera, a famous online course from America. Founded by a former Stanford professor in 2012, it offers 3,800 online courses in multiple languages.
Each course is from reputable and reliable institutions. Some courses are free to study, but if you want a certificate you may have to take a paid course. But definitely worth the investment.

📚 One of the most popular websites internationally is SKILLSHARE, the owner of the SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE slogan. When you apply, you will receive 2 months of free study with more than 14,000 courses.
Teaches from design work to finance matters. Many people who come to school can suddenly turn themselves into new careers. You can try learning for free in case you can discover more of yourself.

💻 Let’s learn without limits on the online world for free with Chula MOOC in the slogan that Anyone can learn, regardless of age, anyone can study with Chulalongkorn University.

Which is one of the top universities in Thailand where you can study in each subject? Which is a subject offered at the university Everyone can be good at their own interests?

Practice skills in various fields. Push yourself forward considered the use of time is the most worthwhile.

Don’t forget to find time to practice new skills for yourself with these free online courses to keep your mind and brain sharp.
Regular exercise even helps you to stimulate creativity. I hope you will find it fun and get addicted to the course.