After we have encountered COVID19, we’ve learned that it’s not too late to start living healthy.
It is time for you and everybody should take it more seriously about taking care of yourself.

Having a healthy life is considered on different aspects of it like, getting a good amount of sleep daily, eating good food, and getting physical exercise.
I know It’s so easy to say! But if you just start and try you will be the one who can accomplish all these one days.

So let’s check how to improve your lifestyle to be a more healthy one.

1. Change your eating habits

Start by eating clean food but make sure you get all the nutrition your body needs, eat a different variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein in your weekly menu so that your nutrition is balanced.

Foods to avoid/ reduce

  • Fast food  & Processed foods
  • Sugary drinks ( if you need sugar maybe choose fresh juice instead )
  • Foods that contain trans fat
  • Soda and carbonated drinks
  • Packaged ready-to-eat food items
  • Foods containing artificial flavors
    I understand that sometimes you cannot completely avoid it but try to reduce bit by bit.  “Eat Healthy, Be Healthy”

bowl salad with vegetables and greens on hand


2. Doing exercise

Be more active and doing exercise. During the working day, you can do a stretching exercise. Choose a preferred activity that you love to do most. It could be dancing, doing yoga, jogging, walking, or lifting weights.

Some tips to stay active:

  • Walk small distances instead of using vehicles
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Do a stretching exercise for 10 minutes per day
  • Doing housework

Doing regular exercise can help you control your body weight, helps to prevent many diseases, and also help to reduce stress and improve your mental health.

doing yoga in the park in the morning.


3. Improve your mental health

In my other content about how to improving your mental health during lockdown will be an extra option, If your mind struggles with issues like anxiety, emotional outbursts, depression, etc, you can cure it.
It’s okay not to be okay because mental illness is normal and it is okay to seek treatment.

Tips to keep your mind healthy:

  • Keep learning new things; help your mind active and stimulates brain cells and lowers the risk of dementia.
  • Spend time with nature; helps to boost your happiness and rejuvenate your mind, reduce anxiety and invoke creativity
  • Meditation; helps you to control stress, anxiety and stay balanced
  • Eat foods that stimulate your brain and can improve specific mental tasks, such as memory and concentration like fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli, pumpkin seeds .etc keeping your brain healthy and

cooking online


4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good amount of sleep is necessary because poor sleep will affect your brain’s ability. It cannot concentrate and perform at its best. Must try to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

healthcare and medicine concept - close up of male doctor hands holding red heart with ecg line and stethoscope