Understandably, during the lockdown, most attractions in Thailand are still closed with no set date for reopening. However, as I heard from the news regarding the next stage of easing the restrictions, shopping malls and retail stores will reopen today on May 17. And curfew hour is still in effect until the end of May but will be shortened by one hour to 11 pm instead of 10 pm, and will run until 4 am starting on Sunday 17th May.

Personally, if everybody learns to live following the social distancing rule. It should bring a good result soon. I trust we will get through this hard time eventually.

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For people who love to travel, myself included, being restricted to one place for an extended period may seem like a boring task.  But to stop spreading and make this situation end well soon.
And if you are the one who finds yourself struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, please does not let it continued till you cannot handle it. You need to raise your voice and let someone help you, or find the activities you can spend your daily life during quarantine to improve your mental health during this period.

Practices Yoga in Outdoor. Sitting in Lotus Position. Unplugged Life and Mental Health Concept. Sukhasana Posture and Meditating
Here are a few suggestions to guide you

Yoga: A great practice to boost up health. Practice can help reduce depression and anxiety and improve physical strength, flexibility, and balance.

Meditation:  Research shows that meditation can help you better handle negative feelings and emotions which can improve mental health.

doing yoga in the park in the morning.

Call to someone you trust: Speak up and ask for help if you need it. You can ask for support from positive people. Be open to communicate and connect with your family, friends, and community. Please remember, you are not alone!!!

Helplines: Helpline 1323 runs a 24-hour mental health hotline that provides counseling support and information. The hotline can also link callers to treatment centers that are suitable for their individual needs.

Try best to exercise and practice them regularly, treat your body to a night of good sleep, eat healthy food. Keep things in perspective. We will get through this together…………


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