As we continue to face the challenges that COVID-19 brings, our way of life has changed dramatically over the past few months.

I feel greatly inspired by the different ways people around the world are supporting each other and adjusted their life for getting through this hard time.
In order to survive during coronavirus pandemic, some people cannot earn money as usual way because we still have a bill to pay, I would like to share some ways that might inspire your ideas to earn additional money during your income has been affected by lockdown.

1. Sell your old things online.
You can use sites like Facebook, IG, Marketplace, or Twitter to sell your stuff; from clothes, you no longer wear, book you’ve already read, IT gadgets, kitchen appliances, and furniture.



2. Freelance writing.
If you’re talented in writing experience, you could get some freelance writing work with several publications and websites or even you can start your site to publish your articles on your blog.
There are also online platforms that make it easy for freelancers to find a job. Let’s try Asiawriters or ReadAWrite.




3. Affiliate marketing
If you have a website or blog, affiliate marketing can help you earn some money from referring products and services via your site. Every time a sale is made through that link you earn a profit.







4. Invest in the stock market
For a less risky stock market alternative, you can invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs), to access multiple company stocks in the one trade.

Stock invest

5. Start a YouTube channel
If you’ve got a certain skill or hobby that others might be interested in, try posting some videos on YouTube.
For example, if you’re really into cooking, you could try posting some videos with tips for a secret recipe or do online tutoring. Once you’ve made up a bit of follower, you can start to make money through advertising.
Some brands would be interested to hire you to review their products on your channel. Learn more free online courses on Youtube for creators.

6. Sell your photo online
Nowadays, stock photos have become popular business online. We can sell to stock photo companies like Shutterstock, Dreamstime and share a percentage of any sales with you.