Solo traveling is not bad. You can experience many types of adventures that may have not been possible if you were traveling in a group.

When I travel by myself, I can have time to connect to myself. I can feel that my stress was reduced, heal & calm my body and mind after a hard day from work.  I can remember for the first time after travel alone is I gained more confidence. Feel like I can achieve anything If I just do it.

If you’ve never done it before I would like to share my top tips for solo traveling ( just from my own experienced, maybe you’ll get something out of this).

Hopefully, they will be helpful for you. Don’t fear to start, you can do it because many beautiful things are waiting for you to explore.

solo traveling

Always make sure you’re safe
If you choose to stay in a hostel/dorm (Where you can meet other fellow travelers) which is in a shady area. I will avoid going out when the dark approaches and avoiding walking in the isolated roads. I always use the path where there are people around me and not get back to the hotel late at night.

I didn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending time in a new place but try not to put yourself in a dangerous place. However, there are several good hostels with a perfect location where offer comfortable rooms, convenient location, and excellent service.

Organize your trip more or less
I’ve learned that you achieve so much more when you organize your trip at least the basic things, like a rough plan. I will try to arrange and book all everything that I can before such as accommodation, day trip, and transfer service. I have made a rough plan for each day because I do not want to miss something that can make my trip mess up.

Let me give you a simple thing that I always do, First, I would check the arrival time of my flight and find what transportation which available for me when I arrive. Because if I want to save my budget, I will use local transportation. If there is no available I will find the most reasonable transfer Service Company instead. Usually, when you book a flight ticket, there is an extra service like a transfer service that you can add to your booking. Or book a car with the hotel you stayed in.

Yet sticking on the idea of planning, I will find more information that I want to do, where I interesting to go, and to see or anything else you require for your trip. In the first step, I will write down all those things and create my trip to reach my satisfaction but need to be flexible and have a second plan as well. And I usually read contents and guidelines from the Internet, this will help me a lot to make my trip more flawless.


Try to make friends wherever you go! To be honest, I am an introvert person but I always push myself to get to meet others. A good point is you can learn about their culture and you maybe end up having new long-distance friends. You can check what will happen around the city you travel to. It will make your vacation more thrilled if you join the party or events there.

My last recommendation, again do not fear to travel, do not fear to do something new. There are a lot of fun things to explore, you can’t see the world if you are not taking your first move!



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