I guess most of the readers will be heard about ecotourism before. It’s an alternative form of tourism that the most important hospitality trends can benefit the environment.

As the world continues to heal from COVID19 pandemic, I would like to raise awareness of travelers about how important nature is, as well as the place they visit and respect the culture of local communities and at the same time minimize any negative effects on the mother earth by the tourist activity.


As you can see from the news, there are many destinations or attractions after the virus spread all over the world. Once there are no people visit those places due to the home quarantine period, as a result, the environment gets reviving and more alive. The seawater is clearer than it was. Found that in many tourist spots are recovering itself.

We all realize that there are many good benefits when you travel to natural places, it helps you to release your stress, can think more clearly and also improve your mood more relaxing. If you still would like to have an incredible experience we need to be more conscious of how much environment important to human living.

Once you finish reading I wish everybody will take a future trip with self-awareness and pay more respect to the place you visit than before.

Simple tips when you traveling to the place to make this world better;

  Take the trash/waste away with you.

  Follow leave no trace rule.

  Clean-up if possible (make sure that the places you visit are in the same state or better than before you arrived).

  Avoiding damaging recreational activities.

  Avoiding illegal wildlife products.

All these tips above are just in my own opinion that I hope it will help our world develop better. Do not afraid to travel because there are so many amazing destinations on this planet waiting for you to explore.

♥♥♥♥ Wish you enjoy your next nature trip ♥♥♥♥

Pa La U



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