Taking a vacation with your kids will be no longer boring.
When you choose the right destination can make your time much more fun and let your child learn with more excitement.

The following destinations may be the best place worth to visit and match for a family trip.

Kuiburi wildlife viewpoint: This place is a watershed forest with many important and valuable resources as rare wildlife and plants. It is part of the royal project also it is an alternative form of tourism we called “ECOTOURISM” your family can travel and raise awareness about the natural and respect the environment by the activities.
The activity is a great option for all ages. Family can enjoy and spend the day watching wildlife such as wild elephants, gaur, banteng, and rare species of birds.

Best for ages: 5 years up

Kuiburi elephant

Baan Sillapin artist village: This gallery exhibits many artworks from Thai artists all years round as well as offering various workshops for children. Further than rejoicing in artists works, it is an excellent destination for the parents and kids to attend the activities that available here such as DIY workshops, clay work, and painting.

Best for ages: 5 years up

artist villageVana Nava water jungle: Get a day pass to Water Park, another great place for kids, and parents can have an amazing time together. During summertime, it is a good way to keep cool and have fun.
As well as there are many rides for all levels, young kids, teenagers, and extreme lovers. If you have many days in Hua Hin and want to get away from the beach this place is highly recommended.

Best for ages: 5 years up

Khao Sam Roi Yot national park: this cave is Thailand’s first seaside National Park. It is very beautiful when the sun comes through the cave from the top. The place is suitable for a family group because the activity will gain a family bonding living together. And after that, you all can absorb magnificent nature on the quiet beach nearby.

Best for ages: 7 years up

Pala u waterfall: what family can do here? We can recommend you to visit Pala U waterfall to refresh yourself from the true nature and it is very suitable to get away from the hustle of the city. The family will get close to native wildlife and enjoy a fantastic scenario upon arrival. Your kid will get the experience to study and learn about their lifestyle.
Kids who aren’t afraid of heights will love the view from above. For the best period suggestion to visit the waterfall is between November till April to see beautiful butterflies.

Best for ages: 10 years up

Pa La U

Would you like us to assist and design your vacation plan, we are more pleased to do it for you. There are still a lot of interesting destinations waiting for you to explore. Just let’s know……



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