The meaning of Homestay is an alternative form of tourism whereby visitors share a residence with a local of the city in order to interact with a host or a local family in which they are traveling.

The owner of the house or lodge in rural areas will be participating in a group that organized as a homestay in their community. Tourists will stay with the house owner and the house owner is also pleased to welcome tourists with the service mind, they will provide accommodation and food during the stay. And also willing to conveying fascinating local culture to them and take them to visit tourist attractions and attend activities such as local tours, riding bicycles, riding boats, trekking, exploring nature, and learn about the ways of life in the community as well.

The fundamental aspects of Homestay are anyone stays overnight in a homestay, they will be considered to be guests of the house.

Currently, the government has worked on developing its tourism industry. Because it is considered as another way to earn some additional, needed income for the local community in which people do not have to move out to work in a big city. As a result of enhancing knowledge in the community, turning to be a tourist attraction, and can earning great potential for local people.

Countryside homestay in rice farm in Pua District, Nan province, Thailand. This image can use for home stay, hotel, resort, holiday, travel, park and outdoor concept

Benefits of staying at a homestay
* Make up new friends
* Experience the local community and culture up close and personal
* Have a chance to learn a new language
* Taste the authentic cuisine
* Get to know how the locals make their livelihood and you will be treated as their family member

A guide to homestay in Thailand might be helpful to stimulate your passion for traveling or visit websites to find your cozy homestay.

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