The Year 2020 brought us so many changes in life. Everybody gets used to the word; social distancing, coronavirus, quarantines, lockdowns all have become to be a new normal word to live.

Although we can’t stay the same as it was but we can learn to live in a new way healthier and safer. Because we can avoid and adjust daily life and resume traveling with confidence and safety again.

Necessary Things to “Pack”

Packing some essentials for traveling in this “new normal” style.

🧴Hand Sanitizer – Bring a hand sanitizer in your bag so you always can use it when you need it when entering public spaces. Try to wash your hands often.

😷Face Masks –  Wearing a face mask at all times when you are in the public to avoid the spread of the virus. Besides, it can protect you from dust and pollution during the trip.

🧼Cleaning Products – Take your cleaning products to places. Such as disposable sanitizing wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, reusable cloths, or the disinfectant spray. Take them on the go—they’re perfect for clean surfaces that you have to touch.

🍴🥄Bring your own cutlery – The virus can transmit through close contact with someone else. I recommend you to have one.

🍫Snacks – Always pack snacks when traveling, we do not know how long does it gonna take along the way when you travel, and sometimes there is no shop that you can stop by. Then better to take your favorite ones with you.


This state is an important one to do some research regarding the requirements to travel to the destination

✅Learn and respect the new rules of each place.
✅Prepared document as offered by the government before
✅Recheck opening time of the places where you would like to go, due to our current situation, some business hours and rules change frequently.
✅Try to make your plan roughly, flexible to adapt and always have “PLAN B”
✅Please remember to wear a mask and keep your distance as much as possible when among other people when you’re in a public place.
You may plan to go to the open wide space such as a national park. Having a good time with outdoor activities like go to the beach.

💳 Cashless Transaction: you can avoiding to touch other people by minimizing the use of cash because there are a lot of online and cashless payment facilities available at travel destinations.

The ‘new normal’ create new rules and regulations in traveling. Make sure you collected the information regarding these issues. The new protocols can be related to guest limit, ticket purchase, specific health measures, etc.

I wish you all will always stay healthy and keep calm, we still can have a great trip although it is slightly different than it has been in the past.
But don’t let it make you hesitate to restart. It’s not the end of everything. Hope that the tips will stimulate you to resume traveling. Enjoy the ride!