If your hobby is traveling like me. I believe the fun part before starting your new journey is planning an overall trip. In my opinion, the initial part you will pay attention to after you can decide the place you want to go to is where to stay and what kind of hotel will match your satisfaction.

In Hua Hin, I found that categories of hotels will be divided into 5 main types depending upon the target market they serve. The most fun part of starting a new adventure is when you design a trip yourself. I think the first and basic beginning is to gather all information as much as you need about the place you will visit.

To have fun and be comfortable and be safe at the same time when you travel and staying there you should list all the things you wanna go/do or where you wanna stay.
I always search for accommodation that fits my choice and the important section that influences my decision is always the type of hotel, location, and services provided in the hotel.

They target high-income busy professionals who wish to spend time away from the city, noise, and crowd. They offer facilities such as a spa, swimming pool, fitness, and business center.
There are many famous resort-style hotels in Hua Hin. They are located along Hua Hin beaches, mountains, islands, or on the river banks. You can make your decision at the time of booking by guests reviews, star rating as a guideline for a customer.

Serviced Apartments
They are located in residential colonies. They provide long-term accommodation for guests. They need to execute an agreement with the guests for the stay of at least one month. All basic amenities such as kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher, and beds are provided with once a week housekeeping service.

Two Caucasian tourists sitting on the bed looking at the map
Bed and Breakfast (B&B) 
They are small hotels that target guests in transit or on a leisure tour. The owner of B&B usually stays in the same premises and is responsible for serving breakfast to the guests.

Outdoor seat on balcony with a view in pool villa, house, home, condo and apartment

Condo / Villa
It generally family-owned hotels and are not governed or run by corporate policies and procedures. It is similar to a serviced apartment that the owner provides long term stay for guests. Most of the owners are Thais but these days, some foreigners come to Thailand to house or condo and decorate their property for rent. It is very popular at the moment because the hotel room is often a limited number of people stay per room. ( 2 person standard per room). But if you travel as a family of small groups of friends, you will be satisfied to stay together in the same building.

Prachuap Khiri Khan ,Thailand - September 24 , 2016 : Luxury swimming pool in front of private tropical villas
Myself, always book B&B most of the time when I traveled alone. Because the place is ideal for solo traveling and it is nice and cozy, the owner is so kind to the guest. Perhaps the size of the hotel is not that big then the owner has more time to greeting and participates with their guests. Have A Good Trip!!!


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