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Things to do in and around Kanchanaburi

Things to do in and around Kanchanaburi

When you love to appreciate and explore nature and history, Kanchanaburi will be a good place to visit. This place is blending both historical sightseeing opportunities, as well as lush tropical areas Furthermore, it just takes 3 hours from Bangkok.

Kanchanaburi, a western province of Thailand, has plenty of things to do that you’ll wish to stay even longer and fall in love with. Nature lovers will also find plenty of things to do here. Several national parks lie in the surrounding area, with opportunities to see beautiful waterfalls and a diversity of wildlife, including wild gibbons, monkeys, and birds.


1 Bridge on the River Kwai (Death Railway Bridge)

River Kwai Bridge is a major and most recognized landmark in Kanchanaburi. The controversial structure built to support the Thai-Burmese railway by prisoners during WWII.

The bridge was part of the Thai-Burmese “Death Railway,” so named because of the scores of men who died during its construction.

You can walk or ride a train across this bridge, sections of which are from the original structure. Vendor stalls surround the area selling food and souvenirs.

2 Have a good retreat by a floating water villas

A perfectly relaxing and appreciate nature around your wooden villa floating, you can freely be laying down on your private balcony, jump off the private deck straight into the water, take a boat out and even go canoeing at your own leisure and time. Plus watching the sunset across the surrounding jungle.


3 Breathtaking green waterfall at the tropical rainforest, Erawan’s waterfall

The waterfall has 7 tiers of waterfalls with different shapes and beauty of its own. The first two tiers are easy to get to. It offers a soothing place to relax and enjoy the cool breeze and mist from the water and forest.
You will see a school of huge fish in the turquoise pool on the 2nd tier. We called “Fish Palace”. This is a lovely spot to take a picture and take a refreshing swim on a hot day and you might feel fish gently nibbling at your toes.
⇒ you can go early in the morning to avoid the crowd
⇒ during the coronavirus pandemic, not allowed to swim at the moment

 Daily from 7 am to 4 pm. 

 Price/Entrance fees: 300 Thai Bath /person.

 Contact : 034-574288


Resort wooden house floating and mountain fog on river kwai at sai yok,kanchanaburi,thailand

4 Travel back in time at Prasat Muang Singh National Park

Mueng Singh Historical Park was once the last outpost built by the Khmers. It’s worthwhile stopping by this most signif

icant historical park, there are several buildings and small ancient ruins th

roughout the park. And the most notable building is the main shrine, Prasat Mueng Singh – at the center of the site built in Bayon style.

Beautiful and Breathtaking green waterfall at the tropical rainforest, Erawan's waterfall

5 Wat Thipsukhontharam

Statues of Buddha at Wat Thipsukhontharam, Phra Buddha Metta Pracha Thai Trailokanath Gandhararath Anusorn Memorial statue is the name of the bronze centerpiece buddha image that stands at 32 meters amidst the neatly landscaped gardens.


6 Wooden Mon Bridge (Wooden Bong Bridge)

The most recognized landmark of Sangkla Buri is “Wooden Bong Bridge”, it is Thailand’s longest wooden bridge in Sangkla Buri situated at the edge of Vajiralongkorn Lake.
The handmade footbridge constructed in the 1980s spans the Song Kalia river to the Mon village Wang Kha.


Statues of Buddha at Wat Thipsukhontharam,Kanchanaburi province,Thailand,Phra Buddha Metta,They are public domain or treasure of Buddhism, no restrict in copy or use

Chong Kai War Cemetery

Chungkai was one of the base camps on the Burma-Siam railway and contained a hospital and church built by Allied prisoners of war. The war cemetery is the original burial ground started by the prisoners themselves, and the burials are mostly of men who died at the hospital. There are now 1,426 Commonwealth and 313 Dutch burials of the Second World War in this cemetery. This one is also beautifully landscaped

8 An open vibe cafe in the middle of the rice fields

Stopping by the small cafe where you’ll enjoy your meal sitting in the most gorgeous cottage on the rice field with Wat Tham Sua temple on the hill. It also makes for amazing photos with emerald rice paddies fields backdrop!

Cottage on rice field with Wat Tham Sua church on hill at Kanchanaburi, Thailand


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